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What are the Best Golf Resorts in Turkey?

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Every year thousands of tourists visit Turkey to experience the picturesque landscape. But there is another set of tourists who visit Turkey just to make the most of the luxurious golf courses. Turkey has some of the most incredible golf resorts in the world. Golf tourism developed at breakneck speed, especially after Belek in Antalya created some of the most beautiful golf courses.

So, if you want to enjoy Turkey golf holidays also, here are some of the resorts you shouldn’t miss:

1. Sueno Golf

When you imagine your dream golf course, what luxuries do you think? A massive golf course, a hotel that leads to the playing area, multiple restaurants, luxurious rooms, spa, golf clubhouse, and various other things, right?

Sueno Hotels Golf Belek will make your dream come true. It is a paradise for golf lovers one of the best golf hotels in Turkey. With more than two 18-hole golf courses, this one is the best golf resort in Turkey.

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2. Gloria Golf Resort

Gloria Golf Resort

Gloria has the most beautiful lush green landscape you will ever see. And if you are a golf lover, you may not want to leave the hotel in Gloria Golf Resort. It leads you directly into the golf course where you can join other players. Golfers consider this resort as the most appropriate place because of the combination of luxurious accommodation facilities, swimming pools, tennis courts, and a lot of other things. Whether your family loves golf or not, they will have a good time irrespective of your favourite sport.

3. Sirene Belek

Sirene Hotel Belek - Beach Location

Those who love significantly big golf courses should book one of the 250 rooms in Sirene Belek Hotel. The hotel is just beside the golf course. So, you can watch some of the players try their early from early in the morning. The rooms provide a full view of the golf course. Apart from being a golfing sensation, this hotel has six incredible restaurants, seven bars, and a hotel nightclub, a stunning Turkish golf resort. You and your family will have enough things to do once you finish playing golf.

4. Cornelia Diamond

Cornelia Faldo GC

Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa is a golfer’s dream. The grand entrance welcomes you to the magnanimous lobby from where you get a panoramic view of the golf course outside. A quick tip: when you are in Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa, don’t forget to make the most of the Crassula Spa. This is the best spa in Belek, and some of the golfers also went on to say it is the most relaxing one in Turkey.

5. Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort

This one gives a tough competition to the other four in this list. The massive beachfront, together with all-inclusive packages, makes the Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort, one of the most cost-effective yet beautiful; golf resorts in Turkey. The lush green outfield will make you want to stay in the golf course for hours.

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