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Golf Holidays on the Isle of Arran

If you are planning a golf break to Scotland https://www.360golfholidays.com/uk-golf-breaks/scotland/. Golf Holidays Isle of Arran provides something a little bit different but indeed very special.

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to visit all of Scotland in a single weekend?. There is a location in Scotland that enables you to tick off all the items on your bucket list in a long weekend. They call it Scotland in miniature.  The Isle of Arran.

The Isle of Arran is a great representation of Scotland's many natural and assets. Highlands and glens filled with livestock, picturesque villages and harbors, white-sand beaches and large ancient ruins, Whiskey, and world-class golf courses.

In fact, The island of Arran is approximately 56 miles in circumference, thus no part of the island is more than half an hour distant by car from your chosen base.

Therefore, For those who are short on time yet want to see Scotland to the fullest, Arran is the right place.

How many golf courses are on the Isle of Arran?


There are in fact seven golf courses on the Isle of Arron. Thus, making it one of the most heavily populated golf regions per square foot in the world. Arran is a golfer's heaven. Since it is home to seven golf courses, all of which are of tremendous quality and close proximity. Corrie, Machrie, and Lochranza are three nine-hole courses and simply stunning layouts. On the Isle, you also have the uniquely designed 12-hole course which has a cult status, Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club. Combined with Brodick, Lamlash, and Whiting Bay, which are all three, 18 hole layouts. This makes for the best Golf Holidays Isle of Arran. 

How to get around Arran?

A car is the easiest method to travel about Arran. Roughly speaking, the island's shoreline is followed by a series of interconnected roads, with a network of roads passing through the center of the island, commonly known as "the String." There are lots of passing spaces on the single-track roads.

How to get to Arran for a golf holiday?

Arran is an easy destination to get to, don't listen to the myths. The car and passenger ferry service between the mainland and the islands, operated by CalMac, follows a predictable timetable. Ardrossan harbor is the principal ferry port where sailings to Brodick, on the Isle of Arran, take around 55 minutes. The smaller ferry, which runs between Claonaig and Lochranza, takes around 30 minutes. 
Prestwick Airport is the nearest airport for traveling by air, and Glasgow International Airport is the second option. Car Hire is available from both Airports.

Golf Courses on the Isle of Arran.

Shiskine Golf and Tennis Club

The Quaint and peaceful village of Blackwaterfoot is home to Shiskine Golf Club, The course only takes around 2 hours to complete and yet is quite demanding even for professional players. 
It is well situated on the seaside, and its outstanding condition is great for summer and winter golf. The course is placed 33rd in Scotland's Top 100 Courses.  

A fascinating 12-hole course steeped in history.
Willie Fernie, the famous golf course architect from Troon, set up the original nine-hole course. Willie Park, Jr. upped the number of holes to 18. However  In a matter of months, World War One started, and six of these new holes became dormant, never to be used again. 
In addition to the two burns running through the course, there are several aspects making it noteworthy, including the longest par five on the island at 509 yards. There are many holes with signals which indicate when the green is clear and it is safe to play at particular blind holes. The names of the holes, such as "The Crow's Nest," "Paradise," and "Hades," allude to their different characteristics.
Shiskine is one not to be left of any Golf Holidays Isle of Arran!

Golf Holidays Isle of Arran - Brodick Golf Club

The first golf course you will see when you walk off the ferry is located on the north side of Arran. Brodick Golf Club.
Brodick is a relatively flat parkland/coastal golf course, situated against a seashore. Golf has been played on the island for a very long period, dating back to 1897. 
This course Is only just over 4,000 yards and is largely composed of par-three holes, therefore golfers who are accurate shot makers will do well. Although a short stroll. Brodick is well worth adding to your Arran golfing inventory.  

Lamlash Golf Course

This wonderful 18-hole golf course on the Isle of Arran, Scotland, is called Lamlash Golf Course. The course is challenging for all golfers, no matter their level of ability. One possible example of the difficulty of the course may be found in the length of the Par 3s, which include two that measure over 220 yards.
Additionally, Lamlash has numerous difficult Par 4's that require shots to be find the middle of the fairway or never be seen again. 
Beautiful views of the Clyde Estuary and the Ayrshire coast are visible from the hillside above the town of Lamlash on the Isle of Arran.

Whiting Bay Golf Club

Set above the town of Whiting Bay on the southeastern coast of Arran, the Whiting Bay Golf Club is a notable Hidden Gem. The club has always been a popular spot on the island of Arran, having been founded in 1895. Gaze over the Firth of Clyde to the Ayrshire coast and Holy Isle while enjoying the beautiful sights.

Golf Holidays Isle of Arran - Corrie Golf Club

Corrie Golf Course is a nine-hole course made up of a combination of par-3s and par-4s. The Greens are not easy  to decipher, and they are always in a perfect condition. Everyone, regardless of their experience, will find it a fascinating challenge.

Lochranza golf club

This 9-hole Lochranza Golf Course is a lovely pay-and-play in the Northend area, Isle of Arran the distillery is situated on the approach to Lochranza.The course is notable for the wild red deer that graze on the land, which is mostly flat grassland with odd water hazards. A great spot to see summer sunsets , located in a north-west facing glen.

Golf Holidays Isle of Arran - Machrie Bay Golf Club

Machrie Bay is a modest but intriguing nine-hole course located 12 miles south of Brodick in the town of Machrie on the Isle of Arran's south coast.

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