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If you’re worried about embarrassing yourself on your annual golf trip, or you’re after a competitive edge against your friends or colleagues, head to London Golf School to sharpen up your skills….

Golf Lessons London, On-Line, Indoors and Outdoors We've seamlessly combined 50 years of golf coaching wisdom with the most accurate golf simulator technology on the market. We can offer a comprehensive, weather-proof, super-convenient indoor golf coaching experience, super-convenient online lessons, or outdoor lessons at a mutually convenient outdoor venue. Learn and grow measurably using our invaluable expertise and the instant accurate feedback from your ball flight and related data, provided by our indoor golf simulators.

London Golf School has coached 1000's of golfers, amassing vast experience helping players of all ages and abilities to improve their golf and achieve tangibly better results.
Use our wealth of knowledge to find the quickest, easiest, most enjoyable route to golfing success...

The Secret To Golf: Be a nice person to play golf with!

We train golfers to feel certain, to trust themselves, to find their signature swing, and manage their own game development successfully, so they never ‘lose’ their swing, giving them the freedom to enjoy playing rather than constantly worrying about how to play.
As a recreational golfer, you can’t devote endless hours to practice, or play, so when you do get the rare opportunity to enjoy a game or a practice session, you’ll want to know how to get the most benefit from the time spent... that’s where our 50 years experience start to really pay off for you.

It can be tough to be certain about your approach to golf, to trust yourself, to feel comfortable- when you are on your own, and all the other golfers are looking on.... that’s when you’ll find our help invaluable.

Steve Smith - PGA Pro since 1997

"I've been privileged to help countless golfers of all skill levels achieve their goals, over the past 23years. I've competed and won professional events at regional and national level.
A great coach finds out what you want to get, and understands how to help you get it.

It's not for me to decide what my pupil wants to get from golf - I simply adapt my style to suit each golfer's circumstances.
Improving at golf is often challenging - your coach provides encouragement and keeps you going -when others might quit. Improvement is more than your technique: Your attitude, equipment, and physique, are all influencers. We'll need a healthy understanding of these, if the desired destination is to be reached.

We all admire the players we see making it look so easy on TV, -I grew up with former World No.1, Luke Donald, so I know the commitment it takes to be the best around. My pupils are recreational golfers, who I cannot expect to devote hours to development...I'm used to them coming to me seeking the kind of training and wisdom that means they don't have to!"

James Ellis-Caird - PGA Pro since 1998

With over thirty years’ experience in golf, and twenty years as a pro and teacher. I started coaching at Urban Golf 15 years ago.

It's been my privilege to work with many creative and inspirational clients, including heads of businesses, film producers and directors, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and TV & Film personalities.

It's fascinating how differently my pupils learn; some wanting to understand, others to ‘feel’, each needing a personalised and tailored approach recognising their personality, background, aims and motivations. These unique individuals have inspired me to throw out the ‘rule book’ of technique and formulaic method. Only then could I provide a space for us to truly connect and build a golf game that worked for each player.”

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