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20 Reasons to make Algarve your next Holiday Destination

With its year-round sunshine, sandy beaches, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine, Portugal's southern region has become one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe. Here are 20 reasons to consider the Algarve for your next holiday getaway in 2021.

1. The Golf and Seaside resorts

The luxury golf resorts of the Algarve are perfectly geared for giving you the relaxing vacation of your life. Many resorts exist along the seaside and allow for gorgeous views and comfortable accommodation along with great food and service.

Tivoli Carvoeiro

2. The Famous Piri Piri Chicken

Made from chillies, onions, garlic, and citrus, the delicious Piri Piri sauce has its origins in the Algarve. The best Piri Piri and Piri Piri chicken can still be found in the region today. It's a must-try food experience when you're in the Algarve.

3. The Sunny Weather and Warm Climate

Nothing beats the climate of the Algarve, and the region experiences warm and temperate weather year-round. This broadens the endless beaches and coastline's appeal even more and makes water activities great for any time of year in the Algarve. Certainly one of the best places to play golf in Portugal

The famous rock

4. Surfing in Praia de Odeceixe

catch some waves

With a huge coastline, south Portugal is a great place for all types of water activities, including surfing. One of the best areas for surfing is the Praia de Odeceixe, grabbing a board and catching some of those waves.

5. The Exquisite Wine

The Algarve region of Portugal is one of the best spots in the country for wine production. Red wines, in particular, are produced in the area. Some of the best wine in Europe comes from Algarve towns such as Lagoa, Tavira, Lagos, and Portimão.

Algarve wine

6. Charming Coastal Towns

The Algarve is rich with amazing coastal villages that are great for days at the beach, excellent dining, and beautiful sights. The marina town of Vilamoura is excellent for both dining and nightlife, while the small fishing village of Carvoeiro is great for snorkelling.

7. The Amazing Wildlife

For discovering wildlife, the Algarve has plenty of possibilities. You can try dolphin watching in Lagos, view the underwater marine life in Carvoira, or even go further inland to take a 4x4 quad biking tour across the Algarve region's varied terrain.

Discover Wildlife

8. Bacalhau

Bacalhau has salted codfish preserved traditionally, with salt, and the Portuguese eat it to their heart's desire. Although it may be an acquired taste, Bacalhau is the food to eat if you're looking for a taste of authentic Algarvian cuisine.

9. The Endless Stretch of Beaches

The Algarve features an amazing coastline filled with plenty of sandy, comfortable beaches. Beaches such as the beautiful Praia de Odeceixe are great for surfing, swimming, and sunbathing.

10. Plenty of Golfing

For those looking to practice their golf swing on holiday, the Algarve has no shortage of amazing golf resorts. Included among these are the award-winning Monte Rei Golf Resort and the Pinhal Golf Resort. Over 42 golf courses populate the Algarve region and offer varied and sunny landscapes that will keep any golfer satisfied.

11. The Cliffs of Cape St. Vincent

Few things compare to the breathtaking sites of Cape St. Vincent, the southwesternmost point of Portugal. These windy cliffs make for an amazing spot to look out over the Atlantic Ocean. The point has a rich history that is linked to numerous naval battles and the ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed it to be a magical spot at the edge of the world.

12. The Quiet and Quaint Villages

In addition to the active and bustling resort spots along the Algarve coast, there are plenty of more laid back areas for those who prefer a little less action. The quiet and peaceful villages of Sagres, Monchique, and Loulé are great for vacationers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

13. Faro

The capital city of the Algarve is oozing with Portuguese charm, although the city is often simply a path of transit to the bustling beach resorts further on. However, Faro seems to have a greater Portuguese authenticity and is also on the edge of the beautiful Ria Formosa National Park and several sandbar islands.

14. Feijoada

A thick stew filled with beans and pork, feijoada is a delicious and filling Portuguese dish. In the Algarve region, you're likely to find great variations such as the Feijoada de Buzinas, which uses whelks or the Feijoada de Choco, which is made with cuttlefish.

15. Tennis Resorts and Lessons

Although the Algarve is well-known for its hold on the golfing community, the area is also more than satisfactory in tennis. World-class resorts such as the Quinta do Lago and academies such as Jim Stewart's Tennis Academy populate the Algarve, making the region a tennis-lovers dream.

16. Cataplana

One of the most traditional dishes of the Algarve, the Cataplana is a delicious dish that mixes clams with spicy sausage, tomatoes, herbs, garlic, and wine. Although it is made in other Portugal areas, it is almost a staple of the Algarve and is most appreciated there.

17. The Many Charming Villas

In addition to the many popular resorts along the Algarve coast, accommodation is also available in stunning and luxurious villas. These charming villas are more than adequate for relaxing into a comfortable Portuguese home before setting out for a day's adventure.

18. The Amazing Algarve Restaurants

There is no shortage of delicious Portuguese dining options in the Algarve, serving the very best of traditional Portuguese cuisine, international hybrids, and fresh seafood. Algarve favourites include São Gabriel in Almancil. A Eira does Mel, just north of Sagres, and Le Marquis, just a short car ride from Faro.

Delicious Delights

19. The Architecture

The Algarve features some amazing architecture, and the region has seen many styles come and go throughout the years. Buildings can be found which show influence from the Romans, the Moors, the Manueline style, the Renaissance, and the Baroque. Many historic castles and churches exist in the region and make for a great day of exploration.

20. The Tempting Sweets

Portugal knows how to indulge in delicious sweet treats, and the southern region of the country is no different. The popular Pastel de Nata is a delicious custard-filled pastry that can be found throughout Portugal. The Moors-influenced Doce Fino do Algarve are delicious treats made from almond paste and marzipan and are a favourite of the region.

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